[ “I'm a web developer.”,_

  “I'm a web designer.”,_

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My soul is my boss and i am working under it just for Creative Pills - Rahul Rathod

I am

IT graduate, i write code, making things simple is my passion. I also do graphic designing, love to play with Illustrator and Photoshop. Some times I become sketch artist but never knew how to make nose properly. I started my carrier in Web development field in 2016 & Founded Your Virtual Assistants – Outsource in India, also started vlogging, blogging and got few projects too. But Your Virtual Assistants was not big success so unwillingly i have to shut it down. Then in 2017 I got Perfection in Web development and founded Creative Pills – Web Solutions. So that’s how such a beautiful phase came in life when i started working for Creative Pills.

My Skills

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language, which is base of web designing.

CSS stands for Cascading style sheets, which is used to beautify html websites.

Javascript is script needed to add functionalities to a website such as validations and much more.

PHP is most important server scripting language to make powerful web applications.

Sql is used to store and query data into database, which is also important in making of web applications.

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation, which is used to exchange data between two servers.

API integration is needed in big portals like integrating payment gateway, OTP api, etc.

WordPress is CMS, and I make wordpress themes and plugins.


Magento is used to make ecommerce website and believe me it is one of the best CMS i have ever seen to develop ecommerce

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics and it is widely used to make coded animations.

Adobe illustrator is used to make high quality illustrations.

Photoshop is photo editing software.